She had a very good night; listening to live music and having fun with her friends, the musicians.  She loves live music and how free she feels sitting around people she doesn’t even know and quickly bonding with them over a favorite song. She has met and gotten to know many people here at the winery just that way. When she comes in the folks who run the little shop all know her and quickly start up a conversation with her. She feels almost at home there. She is primarily there for the company and the music………always the music.
                She had also had a good night because “he” cam into the winery. He had come in quietly and she really only noticed him because he sat next to her at her own table. She wasn’t upset that he sat without asking because she could see he was very focused on the music. She noticed his frame and the way he mouthed the words, but then the song came to an end. She looked away and clapped.
                He had walked along taking in all the sights and sounds of the quaint little downtown square. A song grabbed his attention. The Eagles drew him down the block and into the little winery. Entering, he admired the musicians and their guitars. He followed the sound and sat in the first chair he came to. “This duet is good,” he thought, “they are skilled guitarists and their harmonies are fantastic. There’s nothing better after a long day than to hear some good music and enjoy a nice glass of cabernet.”  When the song was finished, he was awkwardly aware that he was sitting at someone else’s table. He had been so engrossed the music that he was unaware of her presence till the clapping began. He rose quickly and turned to offer an apology, but she stopped him and told him that now one was sitting there and then she insisted he stay. He smiled and thought, “Well, when a lady insists…”
                Through the next few songs she did her best to sing quietly, though she really couldn’t help but sing. It just wouldn’t be right. She knew 99% of the songs the duet played and often found that one of the musician friends would change the words of the song to include her name.  Each time she would throw him a kiss. These two men were her friends and one of them had even suggested that she was there “#1 Fan.” She found this funny, charming and even a bit flattering. When the set was over, the two of them came over to get their hugs and praise. Jim, one of the musicians was also a very talented photographer so she and he discussed the idea of another photo shoot, while the other, Keith, took his break. When he returned, it was Jim’s turn to take a break, so Keith and she talked quietly about the set and how well they were doing. Keith got up to leave and she could feel the man’s eyes on her so she watched till the duo were back up front and getting ready to begin the next set. The man finally looked away. She felt a little shy and a slight bit giddy inside. “Really?” she thought, “get a hold of yourself. He is a total stranger.”  Even so, she couldn’t resist………….

                “My name is Ellen,” she said, looking at him.
                He quickly turned, smiled and said, as he held out his hand, “Very nice to meet you, Ellen. I’M James” She returned the handshake and the smile as she asked, “What do you think of the music?”
                “What do I think of the music? The music?” He searched for the words, but they seemed lost. He had come into the little establishment because of the music, but after that Eagles song, he had lost all interest in it except to listen to her singing. When he first noticed it, he thought it was nice and it, in combination with the wine, continued to relax him. Finally he came back to his senses and answered, “They are very good. I am enjoying my evening here very much.” He wondered if she knew that he was referring to her, as well as the music, but he also thought, “Don’t say any more, goofball. She will think you are hitting on her……………….but……………I WANT to hit on her.”
                She felt liberated that she had the courage to introduce herself to him and try to talk with him. “Good job, Ellen,” she thought. She waited for his response. He seemed to really be thinking hard about his response. “Must be one of those linear-logical types that never rushes into anything without careful thought.” When he did finally answer, she imagined he was talking about how being there with her had made it an enjoyable evening. “Did he mean it that way?,” she thought. She really didn’t know but she chose to believe that was exactly what he was trying to say. Now they were both smiling.
                As the next set began, they listened without conversation, but he was really listening to her and when the duo played one of his favorites, a song unlike all the others, he was surprised and delighted that she was still singing and knew every word and note. As she sang, she closed her eyes and his heart leapt in his chest.  There was a smile on her face as she sang. “She must know the significance and meaning of this song,” he thought. He too closed his eyes as he said a silent prayer.
                “Did he just hum this song?! Really? He knows THIS song?” She was amazed and delighted to think he would know this song; a song so different from the others. She wondered till she saw him close his eyes and slightly bow his head. When the song was over and the clapping finished, she turned to look at him.
                “I can’t. Can you?,” he asked.
                “No. I don’t think I can,” she said.
                In unison, they both said, “I can only imagine.”

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